Here is where you’ll get a glimpse into my life as a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur. I am a believer that you can have a home life while pursuing your dreams of a better future. This site is a testament that dreams can come true if you are willing to put your fear aside, step out of your comfort zone, and believe that you were created for more.

Just 3 short years ago. I said “YES” to one of the biggest opportunities of my life. My goal is to share what I have learned, and in turn hopefully inspire you to dream big and know that you too, can achieve anything that you want.

Over the last decade two decades I have done it all! I have been a Radiologist Tech, medial coding, worked with special needs children, major account rep for Verizon, and sold for another MLM company that sorry to say didn’t love the clothing and didn’t have a supported upline. Now I am a top leader at one of the fastest-growing companies.

We live in a world where we are getting our groceries delivered to our front door, we shop the latest trends on social platforms not to mention everything is at the click of a button. Social Media has allowed us to connect with literally everyone all over the world; it’s incredible when you think about it.

If you are looking for something more…. a way to increase your income the ability to travel the world or even if you’re looking for a community to connect with please reach out.

Contact info

Phone: 435-668-9979

Email: explorezyiawear@gmail.com

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